Pharmacy Benefits, Redefined

Pharmacy benefits, redefined

Introducing a better way to empower your employees while reducing costs and increasing engagement.

Empowered members

Your members will know what a drug costs, what the plan covers, and their out-of-pocket expenses in real time, at the point of care.

Better formulary, big savings

Employers see up to 40% savings from lower drug prices, smarter plan design, and increased employee engagement.

Transformative pricing

We don’t profit from drug sales. Our model is simple: all-inclusive fee, transparent pricing, 100% pass-through of rebates.

We’re accountable to you.

We assume fiduciary oversight for your plan, which means we are contractually obligated to act in your best interest. We put our fees at risk to hit aggressive financial guarantees for our clients. All for a simple, all-inclusive, per-member fee.

A no-compromise model
for pharmacy benefits

For a fixed PMPM fee, you get the core services:

  • Direct connection to over 50,000 pharmacies in our national network, including specialty and mail order
  • Flexible formulary and plan design
  • Real-time claims processing
  • Prior authorization administration
  • Drug utilization management
  • Rebate management and payment processing
  • Populate out of pocket accumulators
  • Ongoing account management services
  • Unlimited access to plan performance and analytics

Without the usual games:

  • Rebate-chasing with overpriced brand drugs, unnecessary drug inclusions, and bait and switch formulary changes
  • Spread-pricing and hidden fees
  • Mail order pharmacy requirements
  • Profiting from the sale or selection of drugs
  • Selling your data


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Seamless technology,
engaged members, our mobile-first member experience, helps your employees take control of their health: Onboarding in a few clicks, text alerts, no app to download. An intuitive design and real-time information help employees feel empowered.

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