Empower Members With Pharmacy Benefits Technology

A mobile-first member experience

Empower your members with information

Our HIPAA-compliant, secure, mobile member experience engages while driving better health outcomes.

Through our technology, your members will know:

  • How much their plan covers
  • What a drug costs
  • What their out-of-pocket expense will be
  • Whether they’re getting a good price, or if lower cost options are available

Real-time updates

Members get text alerts at the point-of-care so they can discuss alternatives with the provider. This saves you and the member time and money.

Always secure

Our entire system is HIPAA-compliant, and we’ll never spam members with extraneous information or sell their data.

Members love to be in the know

Knowing the price before they get to the pharmacy counter empowers them to take control of their health.

What members like best about
Prescryptive Health text alerts:

I know my cost for my medication

I receive alerts before I go to the pharmacy

I know I’ll be told if there are lower cost options


2020 Prescryptive Health Member Satisfaction Survey

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