How We Help Employers Save on Pharmacy Benefits

We can cut your plan’s prescription costs by 15-40%

A transformative pricing model

The best partnerships are built on trust. We offer fully transparent pricing, 100% pass-through of rebates, and no hidden fees.

Lower drug prices

We don’t profit on the sale or selection of drugs. We contract directly with manufacturers and lower costs by eliminating middlemen. All discounts and rebates are passed through as savings to your plan and your members.

Estimated savings: 5-10%

Smarter plan design

Our formularies prioritize efficacy, safety, and net plan cost, in that order. There’s no charge for clinical programs and services–it’s all part of our all-inclusive offer.

Estimated savings: 8-15%

Engaged members

Through our platform, members are empowered to ask about lower-cost alternatives at the point-of-care and make better health decisions.

Estimated savings: 20%+

decrease in cost

Members who switched to a lower-cost medicine after consulting with their prescriber saw an 82% decrease in gross cost.

Case study:

A physician and hospital
-owned company

in net plan savings with Prescyptive Health

increase in plan rebates received through optimized and full pass-through

of utilizing members enrolled in text alerts

average savings for those who selected a lower-cost alternative medication

Managing your benefits is not a responsibility we take lightly. We take fiduciary responsibility for your plan, holding ourselves to the industry’s highest ethical standards. This means we are contractually required to act in the best interests of your plan and your members – always – and we are accountable to for your success clinically and financially.

Case study:

Third-party administrator of self-funded health benefits programs

cost reduction in prescription spending in 2020

savings on generic medications alone

generic medication prescription use – up from 80% prior to partnering with us

Savings for one member and plan after one text encouraging a switch to a lower-cost drug

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