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COVID-19 test types

PCR/Molecular Test

Cost: $155

Pros: more sensitive than Antigen
tests, can detect very low viral loads

Cons: requires complex labs and
technicians, more expensive and
longer time to result

Time: results as early as next business day

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this test here >

Antigen Test (NY only)

Cost: $65; no charge for Medicare Medicaid in New York State

Pros: can be performed at the pharmacy (complex lab not required); less expensive; same-day results

Cons: less sensitive; in some instances your result may need to be confirmed with a PCR test

Time: Same day, as quick as 15 minutes

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this test here >

New York State to Partner with Prescryptive Health
to Launch 150 New Rapid Testing Sites Statewide

Governor Cuomo announced on Thursday, December 3 a new innovation in the state’s COVID-19 testing.

New York State is partnering with Prescryptive Health to provide expanded COVID-19 testing capacity across New York State. The partnership will help expand testing capacity in areas where testing access is limited and will include 150 new rapid testing locations statewide opening in the coming weeks where testing will be offered. Prescryptive’s digital health platform will manage deployment of rapid test kits provided by New York State, and provide the technology to manage inventory, schedule appointments and report results in a timely manner. Residents can find participating sites, schedule a test, receive results and follow-up with licensed clinicians directly from their mobile device.

Prescryptive Health CEO Chris Blackley said, “Prescryptive Health is proud to partner with the State of New York and community pharmacies to provide rapid COVID-19 testing-particularly to those where testing access is limited. Our technology allows us to deliver testing at scale, with the safety, security, and timeliness people need.”

Read more about the update here.

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